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Scandinavian Cool Meets Art-Deco Glamour

Let's turn back the clock to the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1920s and ‘30s, as we find ourselves heading into the '20s once again!

For the past few years, Scandinavian cool has dominated the design scene. The trendiest interiors featured light woods, white walls, minimalistic furniture, and an abundance of natural light. However, a new wave is now embracing opulence and glamour inspired by The Great Gatsby and the Old World. Fabulous chandeliers, glossy finishes, and Art Deco details have taken centre stage, with a penchant for gold wherever possible. This 2020 version embraces Retro Revival, infusing elements from the golden age of film with a touch of '70s coolness.

Imagine furniture with rounded and fluid shapes, chairs adorned with scalloped backs, and Art Deco mirrors exuding timeless splendour. While this style will undoubtedly elevate any bedroom, it truly shines in a drawing room. For those who revel in flamboyance, consider wheeling a glass and chrome cocktail trolley into your dining room and adorning your lounge with geometric patterns and gold-framed mirrors.

Here are some styling tips to enhance the art-deco-inspired look:

Embrace glass and mirrors

Incorporate a sunburst mirror, a classic Art Deco piece that radiates elegance and optimism. Reflective surfaces like mirrored alcoves and a glass-topped coffee table further accentuate the aesthetic.

Seek balance through pairs: Precision and symmetry were essential to Art Deco design. If you fall in love with a lamp, mirror, or occasional table, consider buying two to maintain balance in your room's overall scheme.

Opt for a sleek coffee table

Art Deco coffee tables embraced clean lines and geometric shapes, moving away from the ornate designs of the Victorian era. Materials such as chrome, nickel, hardwoods like rosewood and ebony, and even marble, glass, and enamel were used. Rectangular, circular, and hexagonal tables with mirrored or etched glass tops became popular choices.

Introduce exotic sculptures

As travel became more accessible, society homes began to showcase covetable and unusual pieces. Mother-of-pearl trinkets, animal skins, tortoiseshell items, African tribal art, and sculptures inspired by Egyptian discoveries made their way into interiors.

Illuminate with angular lamps

While the earlier Art Nouveau period epitomized more decorative lighting like the Tiffany lamp, Art Deco embraced geometric, angular shapes in chrome and glass. Incorporate stunning lamps from this era, and cleverly combine table and standing lamps while adding artwork lights to elevate your living space. Ensure proper positioning, with the suggested angle for the light at 30 degrees when lighting artwork.

Embrace art deco wallpaper

To infuse opulence into your interior, fearlessly choose art deco wallpapers. This period gave birth to bold and eclectic styles. Classic black and gold or green and brass designs exude eye-catching depth, and for those seeking a lighter and fresher design, pink or blue patterns are excellent options. This modern take on a vintage theme will undoubtedly transform your space with old school charm.

Colours to look out for

Art Deco embraces metallic touches such as gold, copper, brass, and bronze. Mirrored elements, crystal, and glass also play a classic role. For your key pieces, opt for rich and bold colors like ruby red, royal blue, dusty rose, and an ochre palette ranging from yellow to deep orange to brown. And of course, don't forget our personal favourite—emerald green!


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